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Ameba Cozy Apartment by HLCLUB® Agency

Vilanova i la Geltrú


An Amoeba is a single-celled protist of the genus Amoeba; that is, an organism with a single cell. Thus, our AMEBA apartment is a property with a single room, with a single terrace, with a single kitchen (American), with a single bathroom…. Ours are similes and metaphor, taking advantage of the richness of languages. Understanding that you apologize in advance for such poetic licenses, we are pleased to present you this unique unit. Beautiful on the inside for its wonderful finishes, for its simple functionalities meeting the highest levels of comfort; and beautiful on the outside due to the coverage of its uniqueness (perfect terrace in a perfect space due to location, services and luminosity). Having said all that, this home will meet your expectations during your stay in our wonderful Mediterranean.

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One double room apartment. Living room with American kitchen. Bathroom with shower. It has a small terrace where you can spend pleasant evenings.


House guide

After the reservation is formalized, a document will be sent to you via email, which will consist of: seasonal contract, invoice and breakdown of the tourist tax. It is our wish that you have the greatest and best detailed information possible.



The instructions for use of the different elements of this property will be explained in greater detail by our team at check-in.
If you have any questions, you can contact us at


Services and common areas

It has a parking space in a community parking lot that you can access with the remote control that we will give you upon arrival. Direct access from the elevator.


  • Altura piso: segundo
  • Compras Supermercados: sí
  • Compras tiendas básicas: sí
  • M² interior: 42
  • Mascotas: no
  • Se puede fumar: en zonas habilitadas
  • Tipo Inmueble: apartamento
  • Vistas: Plaxa Mediterránea y parque
  • Zona: Baix a Mar
  • Ascensor: sí
  • Caja fuerte: no
  • Conserjería: no
  • Internet: no
  • Juguetes: no
  • Personas con discapacidad: sí
  • Portero automático: sí
  • M² exterior: Sin datos. Si estas interesado en este dato contáctanos a través del formulario
  • Habitaciones apartamento: 1
  • Baños apartamento: 1
  • Tipo ubicación: Mar
  • Cafeteras (tipo): italian
  • Bandejas: sí
  • Batidora: sí
  • Cafetera: sí
  • Campana: sí
  • Congelador: sí
  • Cubiertos: sí
  • Cubos: sí
  • Despensa: sí
  • Encimera: sí
  • Exprimidor: no
  • Gas butano: no
  • Gas natural: no
  • Horno: sí
  • Inducción: no
  • Lavavajillas: no
  • Microondas: sí
  • Nevera: sí
  • Ollas: sí
  • Paños: sí
  • Productos limpieza: sí
  • Sandwichera: no
  • Sartenes: sí
  • Servilletas: no
  • Termo: no
  • Tetera: sí
  • Tostadora: no
  • Vajilla: sí
  • Vasos: sí
  • Vitrocerámica: sí
  • Juegos de mesa: no
  • Copas: no
  • TV: no
  • Radio: no
  • Sillas: sí o no (Cuántas): Yes, 4
  • Ventilador: no
  • Aire Acondicionado: sí
  • Calefacción: sí
  • CD: no
  • Consolas: no
  • DVD: no
  • Sillones: sí
  • Sofá: sí
  • Tipo cama: no
  • Tipo cama: double
  • Tipo Habitación: big
  • Aire Acondicionado: sí
  • Calefacción: sí
  • Ropa de cama: sí
  • Toallas de interior: sí
  • TV: no
  • Aseo: no
  • Bañera: no
  • Bidé: sí
  • Ducha: sí
  • Secador: no
  • Toallas de interior: sí
  • Portero automático: yes with camera
  • Coche: not necessary
  • Entrada: door with control
  • Interior y exterior: inside
  • Mando: sí
  • Nivel: -1
  • Número: 15
  • Cuántas: 1
  • Vado: no
  • Plancha: sí
  • Otros: Sin datos. Si estas interesado en este dato contáctanos a través del formulario
  • Mobiliario: 1 table, 2 chairs
  • Metros: Sin datos. Si estas interesado en este dato contáctanos a través del formulario
  • Toldo: sí
  • Dónde: room
  • Tabla planchar: yes
  • Sillas: Sin datos. Si estas interesado en este dato contáctanos a través del formulario
  • Agua caliente: sí
  • Cubierta: sí
  • Infantil: sí
  • Barbacoa: sí
  • Juegos: sí
  • Secadora: no
  • Lavadero: sí
  • Utensilios: Sin datos. Si estas interesado en este dato contáctanos a través del formulario
  • Aspiradora: sí
  • Puertas: Sin datos. Si estas interesado en este dato contáctanos a través del formulario
  • Lavadora: yes
  • Otros datos: Sin datos. Si estas interesado en este dato contáctanos a través del formulario


Guests will be attended to with all kinds of details and informed about the operation of devices, schedules, places to shop, throw away trash, go shopping, access, restaurants… thus feeling at home. We will be at your disposal at all times.

We want your stay to be as pleasant, pleasant and fulfilling as possible; so you have all the information you need on this website. It has our Seasonal Rental Information and Support Blog, where you can get information from leisure to the most serious information. It also has our Real Estate Information Blog. Likewise, in each apartment you have a guide to your area. In it you can see the most important addresses for your own peace of mind. If you do not leave your virtual apartment, you can also view, by clicking on our links, direct offers of cultural information, local activities, etc. We are creating a guide of links to the main world newspapers so that you can be informed about your places of origin. If you notice that your favorite press does not appear, please tell us and we will make it available to you as soon as possible. Needless to say, any ideas will be welcomed and celebrated!
The HLClub team

If you estimate that your arrival at the apartment could be outside the scheduled time, we ask you to notify us to inform you of the extra cost of this situation; The same happens if you anticipate that your departure will be before the indicated time.

With an exceptional location, next to one of the main arteries of Vilanova i la Geltrú: the Rambla, where you can find all kinds of shops and leisure activities. Also very close to Paseo del Carmen and the yacht club, where you can do a wide variety of nautical activities. Located in the Garraf region near the tourist town of Sitges and about 45 km from Barcelona.

We expect guests to respect neighbors and act as if they were at home; not making excessive noise, respecting the rules of the Community, rest hours.

Recycling waste and taking it to the container. Remember that it is not a hotel, that not all your neighbors are on vacation. We are members of the Barcelona tourist apartment association and therefore we comply with an ethical code that involves, among other things: taking care of the environment, not disturbing the neighbors, creating a good image of the apartment and being happy during the stay!

Of course, it is understood that common sense in respecting schedules, sound volume, cleanliness and hygiene are assumed by the tenants of the apartment. Before your arrival we will send you all the information you need for a wonderful stay.

After a visual inspection and technical consultation, we recommend that you do not have the air conditioning connected at such a low temperature and for such a long time since the installation can suffer from overvoltage, which could lead to technical collapse and end up being damaged.

The repair of an installation of this type can cost between €1,000 and €3,500, depending on what is damaged; Therefore, we strongly recommend that you make good use of the devices.

The house can be perfectly cool and well ventilated at 26ºC. Whenever you are opening doors and windows, we recommend disconnecting the air and turning it on when necessary.

The deposit relating to your stay in our accommodation includes possible damage to the property and excessive use of consumption, such as the following:

Leave the air conditioning or heating on even if they are not in the accommodation.
Set the air conditioning to less than 22 degrees.
Set the heating to more than 21 degrees.
Use heating or air conditioning with windows and doors open.

Receive a cordial greeting and remember that we are here to help you; but let’s also help the Planet.


Thank you so much.

CLEANING: As in all reservations, the price of final cleaning and laundry is identified in the price; But if you need or simply want an extra cleaning service, we can offer it, with a minimum of two hours, and from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Use our email or telephone and contact us to agree what is necessary.

TAXI AND TRANSFERS: We can offer a taxi service. You will be picked up at the terminal, waiting for your departure and clearly indicating your name so that you have confidence from the moment you arrive. Of course if you want to be transferred, we can also offer this service.



What to do

Vilanova i la Geltrú

Vilanova is the capital of the Garraf region, Barcelona. Perhaps internationally it is not as well known as Sitges, but it has the perfect living space; in population, in services, in transport and an effort is being made at all levels, especially in the area of Vilanova Turisme. Important centres such as Neàpolis, technological centre.

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